A lock-down conversation with Tim Marshall

A recent lock down conversation with former foreign correspondent & Diplomatic Editor at Sky News, and best selling author...Tim Marshall.

Tim Marshall is a journalist, author & analyst, and a leading authority on geopolitics and international affairs. He was a foreign correspondent and the diplomatic editor at Sky News, with 30 years of experience covering current affairs stories around the world. Tim has penned four books relating to international relations and geopolitics, including...

- Sunday Times bestseller; Prisoners of Geography

- Shadowplay - Behind the lines and Under Fire, Tim’s personal account of his reporting from the former Yugoslavia & the Kosovo War.

- Worth dying for: the power and politics of flags

- Divided; Why we are living in an age of walls?

Tim is also the founder and editor of The What & The Why.com

I'm a great fan of Tim's work, and his writing has been been hugely influential on me and my career path. I was really grateful to have a chance to conduct this interview, discussing his fascinating career to date, his latest work, advice for those entering journalism & freelancers, safety, covid-19, a hefty dose of all things geopolitics related and much more. For more from Tim, be sure to follow him via the following channels...

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO7a...

Twitter: @Itwitius

Website: http://www.thewhatandthewhy.com/

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