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With the pubs remaining closed despite the UK's gradual easing of lock down measures, the humble pub quiz has taken to living rooms up and down the country as families and friends pit the wits against each other via Zoom, Skype, and a host of others to stay connected during these strange times. So if you've got a quiz penned in, are working from home, or just plain bored of it all (and let's face it, who isn't?) why not try my latest round of world geography and general knowledge quiz questions.

Answers can be found at the bottom of this article. No cheating.

Round 1

1. In 1995, the Aum Shinrikyo cult unleashed a terror attack on the Tokyo subway which killed 12 and injured over 5,000 people. Which unusual method did they use?

2. Who is the current prime minister of Pakistan?

3. The Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service is better known as what?

4. Riga is the capital of which country?

5. In Caribbean cuisine, which variety of chilli pepper is typically used in jerk seasoning?

6. In which year did the Easter Risings take place in Ireland?

7. Which country has the distinction of being the most heavily bombed nation on earth per capita?

8. Which three colours feature on the Hungarian flag?

9. Which German philosopher, who died in 1883 in London authored Das Kapital, and Co-authored The Communist Manifesto?

10. What does the ‘DC’ stand for in Washington DC?

Round 2

1. What is the largest port in Europe?

2. Bulgogi, Bimibap and Kimchi are all staple dishes in which cuisine?

3. Shinto is an ethnic religion practised in which country?

4. How many countries have a coast on the Black Sea?

5. Which country has the highest population in Africa?

6. Later a French citizen by marriage, which nationality was Marie curie by birth?

7. Dong is the currency of which SE Asian country?

8. Area 51 is a highly secretive US Air force facility located in which state?

9. Which country formerly known as east Pakistan gained its independence in 1971?

10. There are four ‘Tate’ galleries; two are in London but where are the other two?

Round 3

1. Which island off the coast of Northumberland is only accessible by road only at low tide, shares its name with a 70s English folk rock band?

2. Which network of road stretches for over 19,000 miles continuously, apart from a small section broken by the infamous Darien Gap?

3. In which modern-day country was Mother Teresa born?

4. During which year did Ayatollah Khomeini become the supreme leader of Iran?

5. Which two languages, ending in the letter I, both feature in the top six languages spoken around the world by number or speakers?

6. The Øresund bridge connects Copenhagen with which Swedish city?

7. What is the capital of Ghana?

8. Which of the following Ports is not a capital city? A) Port of Spain, B) Port au Prince, C) Port Moresby or D) Port Harcourt

9. Which strategically important, narrow channel of water separates Oman from Iran, and sees as much as 21% of the world’s oil production pass through it every day?

10. How many US states share a border with Mexico?

How did you do?

Round 1

1. Sarin Gas (Nerve agent)

2. Imran Khan


4. Latvia

5. Scotch Bonnet

6. 1916

7. Laos

8. Red, White, and Green

9. Karl Marx

10. District of Colombia

Round 2

1. Rotterdam

2. Korean

3. Japan

4. 6 (Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey & Romania)

5. Nigeria

6. Polish

7. Vietnam

8. Nevada

9. Bangladesh

10. St Ives & Liverpool

Round 3

1. Lindisfarne

2. Pan American Highway

3. North Macedonia (Born in Skopje)

4. 1979

5. Hindi & Bengali

6. Malmö

7. Accra

8. D) Port Harcourt, Nigeria. (The others are the capital cities of A) Trinidad & Tobago, B) Haiti, C) Papua New Guinea

9. Strait of Hormuz

10. 4 (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas)

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